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Kitchen Inspiration created by Shelton Homes. 

Looking to build in 2021? Maybe your struggling for kitchen ideas? Look no further, our Kitchen Inspiration gallery showcases just some of our best kitchens. Ready to get inspired by beautiful kitchens? 

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Looking For The Ultimate Family Home?
Have You Seen The Stunning Bilby?

If you are looking for the ultimate family home, one that offers abundant space, is layered in charm, and provides the rock-solid foundations your family needs, then you will love the Bilby.

The Bilby leans towards a traditional Queenslander home in looks, but has all of the modern design aesthetics and practically you could imagine. For example, the Bilby has a traditional lounge room that can be closed off for movie night, and also a warm and inviting open kitchen, living area and deck that's perfect for bringing a busy family together.

With the Bilby, you will have the best of all worlds. 

We adore the Bilby, and we think you will too!

Here are some charming reasons why: 

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A Modern Queenslander With Space, Character and CharmBlog 1802 Header

If you're craving privacy, peace and plenty of space to move around, then the Wattle 1.1, is the perfect Queenslander home for you.

Offering contemporary Australian family living with traditional Queenslander charm at its best, with wrap-around verandahs, timber flooring and classic Queenslander trimmings, the character of a Queenslander has been beautifully preserved and incorporated into a modern and sophisticated interior, all the way from the light-filled entry hall to the living areas.

Built elevated with a lightweight wood construction to allow air to pass under and the heat to escape quickly, the Wattle 1.1 is perfect for quality, informal living all throughout the year, providing a comfortable and protected area.

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7 Reasons People Recommend Shelton Homes To Their Friends And Family

For more than 20 years Shelton Homes have been building beautiful Queenslander homes in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs areas. During this time, we have seen the home building industry in Australia change, sadly not for the better.

Nowadays, the home building industry is predominantly run by larger construction companies that actually pay very little attention their client's needs. You can see this by researching any major home construction company online.

Trust, unfortunately, is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

But here at Shelton Homes, we believe that your home building experience should be a personal and highly rewarding experience. Nothing should be much trouble or too difficult, and you should be able to go to bed at night dreaming of your new home, not lying awake doubting any decisions.

That is why we have put this little article together, 7 reasons why our clients recommend Shelton Homes to their friends and family.
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Shelton Homes, Who Are We?

Chances are that if you live in Toowoomba or the Darling Downs area, you have seen Scott and Jane Shelton, and the team from Shelton Homes around. Perhaps at the shops, the local footy field, that stunning new Queenslander home being built down the road.

We are a local team who are passionate about building the best Queenslander homes in Australia. Homes that have real character and are designed around your way of life.
So today, we wanted to share some insights into Scott’s approach, and what makes Shelton Homes stand out Queenslander home builders. 
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The Queenslander Verandah, The Perfect Outdoor Living Area

When Europeans first settled in our sub-tropical environment, they needed a way to beat the Queensland heat and humidity. And with a spur of sunny inspiration and no doubt an ale or fresh pot of tea in hand, they designed what we have come to know as the famous Queenslander verandah.

Even back then, relaxing on a new Queenslander verandah to watch the magnificent red and purple glow of the setting sun on the horizon, or the wild rumblings of a storm rolling in, seemed like a must have.

Today, many of our clients in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions use their verandah’s for more than admiring the view, the modern Queenslander verandah is now a fully functional living space!

Use your verandah for everyday brekkie, relaxing alone or entertaining friends and family with a spread of fresh yummy food and drinks. It is the atmosphere that only a Queenslander verandah can provide that we truly love.

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What Are 'Home Inclusions’ Anyway?

When it comes to finding the perfect builder for your dream Queenslander home, aside from evaluating builders on their experience and portfolios, it is also important to understand the ‘home inclusions’ each builder offers.

Home inclusions can be a labyrinth if you are not prepared to evaluate them. For example, some builders include high-end kitchen appliances as part of their inclusions, others the most basic, and the list of differences goes on, and on.

At Shelton Homes, we actually do not offer set inclusion packages or upgrades, instead, we ask you what you want.

This just seems more personal and logical to us.

So while we approach things a little differently, it is worth talking about 'home inclusions' if you are also considering another building company, especially a Brisbane mega home company.

These big guys can get sneaky, and many larger builders will try to up-sell you after you have got a base home price, and remarkably even after you have signed a contract!

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Design And Unwind In The Perfect Queenslander Home Master Bedroom

If you are looking to build a new Queenslander home in Toowoomba or the Darling Downs areas, it is worth taking the time to dream about, and plan your next master bedroom.

Sleek and simple or exotically glamorous, the best master bedrooms mix functionality, style and a sense of charm to create the perfect space. Whether you are going for dark and refined or light and elegant, think beautiful textures, softened colours and subtle lighting.

There can be a lot of choices to make, but considering we spend around at least a third of our lives in our bedroom, getting it right will mean having a place you love to relax, read, sleep and get ready for every inspirational day.

Here at Shelton Homes we work closely with clients to design and build their dream Queenslander homes. Here’s our ‘ultimate master bedroom’ guide:
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A Short History Of Queenslander Homes

You only need to drive down a street here in Toowoomba, and you will see a charming variety of Queenslander Homes, some beyond pristine, others well worn but still going strong raising generations of local families.

Queenslander homes are known for their vernacular architecture, a term coined by American architect Bernard Rudofsky in 1964. Vernacular architecture is an indigenous style of architecture that has naturally evolved to meet the local climate, available construction materials, trends and core human needs.

When you look past the beautiful Queenslander home aesthetics and features, you will find a home built for a comfort and purpose. In this article, we highlight the movements that brought the Queenslander home to life.

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5 TIPS: Minimise Energy Costs When Building Your New Queenslander Home

In 2012, the WWF reported that Australia had the 7th largest ecological footprint in the world, just behind the USA.

A major part of these findings was our energy consumption, and while we are improving as a nation, the cost of electricity is also rapidly rising so we need get smarter.

At Shelton Homes, you can choose from a range of energy efficient house designs to save you thousands in power bills over the coming years, money you could be spending on a holiday instead!

Here are our top 5 energy tips when building a new Queenslander home:
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