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The Queenslander Verandah, The Perfect Outdoor Living Area

When Europeans first settled in our sub-tropical environment, they needed a way to beat the Queensland heat and humidity. And with a spur of sunny inspiration and no doubt an ale or fresh pot of tea in hand, they designed what we have come to know as the famous Queenslander verandah.

Even back then, relaxing on a new Queenslander verandah to watch the magnificent red and purple glow of the setting sun on the horizon, or the wild rumblings of a storm rolling in, seemed like a must have.

Today, many of our clients in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions use their verandah’s for more than admiring the view, the modern Queenslander verandah is now a fully functional living space!

Use your verandah for everyday brekkie, relaxing alone or entertaining friends and family with a spread of fresh yummy food and drinks. It is the atmosphere that only a Queenslander verandah can provide that we truly love.

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What Are 'Home Inclusions’ Anyway?

When it comes to finding the perfect builder for your dream Queenslander home, aside from evaluating builders on their experience and portfolios, it is also important to understand the ‘home inclusions’ each builder offers.

Home inclusions can be a labyrinth if you are not prepared to evaluate them. For example, some builders include high-end kitchen appliances as part of their inclusions, others the most basic, and the list of differences goes on, and on.

At Shelton Homes, we actually do not offer set inclusion packages or upgrades, instead, we ask you what you want.

This just seems more personal and logical to us.

So while we approach things a little differently, it is worth talking about 'home inclusions' if you are also considering another building company, especially a Brisbane mega home company.

These big guys can get sneaky, and many larger builders will try to upsell you after you have got a base home price, and remarkably even after you have signed a contract!

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Design And Unwind In The Perfect Queenslander Home Master Bedroom

If you are looking to build a new Queenslander home in Toowoomba or the Darling Downs areas, it is worth taking the time to dream about, and plan your next master bedroom.

Sleek and simple or exotically glamorous, the best master bedrooms mix functionality, style and a sense of charm to create the perfect space. Whether you are going for dark and refined or light and elegant, think beautiful textures, softened colours and subtle lighting.

There can be a lot of choices to make, but considering we spend around at least a third of our lives in our bedroom, getting it right will mean having a place you love to relax, read, sleep and get ready for every inspirational day.

Here at Shelton Homes we work closely with clients to design and build their dream Queenslander homes. Here’s our ‘ultimate master bedroom’ guide:
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A Short History Of Queenslander Homes

You only need to drive down a street here in Toowoomba, and you will see a charming variety of Queenslander Homes, some beyond pristine, others well worn but still going strong raising generations of local families.

Queenslander homes are known for their vernacular architecture, a term coined by American architect Bernard Rudofsky in 1964. Vernacular architecture is an indigenous style of architecture that has naturally evolved to meet the local climate, available construction materials, trends and core human needs.

When you look past the beautiful Queenslander home aesthetics and features, you will find a home built for a comfort and purpose. In this article, we highlight the movements that brought the Queenslander home to life.

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5 TIPS: Minimise Energy Costs When Building Your New Queenslander Home

In 2012, the WWF reported that Australia had the 7th largest ecological footprint in the world, just behind the USA.

A major part of these findings was our energy consumption, and while we are improving as a nation, the cost of electricity is also rapidly rising so we need get smarter.

At Shelton Homes, you can choose from a range of energy efficiency designs to save you thousands in power bills over the coming years, money you could be spending on a holiday instead!

Here are our top 5 energy tips when building a new Queenslander home:
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Designing Your Queenslander Home For Bushfire Protection In Toowoomba And The Darling Downs Regions

If you have read our Blog before, or seen our Project Gallery, you will know that we absolutely love living in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs regions, one of the most beautiful places in Australia we think!
Shelton Homes also builds numerous Queenslander homes for clients who live in the area, not only to embrace their majestic views and local landscapes but to also maximise safety in the event of a bushfire. As a trusted building company we are always mindful that state forests like Deongwar, Glen Rock, and national parks like Lockyer are close by.
Depending on where you are building your new Queenslander home, here is how we will approach the build and design for bushfire zoning and protection:

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8 Reasons You Will Love Working With Shelton Homes!

Perhaps you have been researching Queenslander Home builders, or looking at new home design ideas before making contact with a builder?

It can be a daunting task we know; it is not just about choosing a shiny house design from a website, you are investing in a new home for you and your family. Your place in the world where you can work, play, entertain and unwind after a long day.

A home that will make you smile when you drive up to it. We get it.

Shelton Homes are award winning Queenslander home builders, and for the last 20 years have been building stunning, superior quality Queenslander homes in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and the surrounding regions. You can meet a few of our delighted clients here.

We would love to build your dream home too, so put together a little article, eight reasons why you'll love working with Shelton Homes:

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Maintaining A Queenslander Home Might Be Easier Than You Think

There has never enough time in the day, especially with ongoing chores like cleaning, washing, food shopping, cooking for the family and those monthly tasks like mowing the lawn in summer when the grass in Toowoomba grows beautifully wild!

What about your Queenslander home, what do you need to do to keep it stunning like the day you moved in? The good news is, very little. Queenslander homes are built to last, especially modern Queenslander homes, so there is only general maintenance that every homeowner in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs areas needs to think about.

Here is the Shelton Homes 5 point Queenslander home maintenance checklist:
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How Do You Choose The Perfect Rural Home?

In Australia, it goes without saying that Queenslander homes are the most desired homes for families living on rural properties. You don't need to drive far out of Brisbane to see stunning new, and charming older Queenslander homes nestled gorgeously amongst bushland and on working farms.

For over 20 years Shelton Homes have been proudly designing and building quality Queenslanders in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and the surrounding areas. One questions we often get asked is, "what home design is right for my family?".

For rural property owners, the answer can in fact come down to your unique land, so we have prepared a little article to help you find the perfect home for your property and rural lifestyle!

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The Remarkable Benefits Of Using A Custom Home Builder

Picking the right home builder can truly mean the difference between having a house that doesn’t quite “fit”, and having a home that feels like it's made just for you and your family. Your own little place in the world where you can work, play and unwind after a long day.

While many people may think that larger building companies offer more options to suit their lifestyle, the reality is that in an effort to reduce build time and increase profits, their designs are usually reused and are not made just for you. That’s where a custom home builder come in.

A custom home builder can help you get the home of your dreams without making sacrifices, as they will work much closer with you and not skimp on time or quality. Here are some of the remarkable benefits of working with a custom home builder:

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