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Looking For The Ultimate Family Home?
Have You Seen The Stunning Bilby?

If you are looking for the ultimate family home, one that offers abundant space, is layered in charm, and provides the rock-solid foundations your family needs, then you will love the Bilby.

The Bilby leans towards a traditional Queenslander home in looks, but has all of the modern design aesthetics and practically you could imagine. For example, the Bilby has a traditional lounge room that can be closed off for movie night, and also a warm and inviting open kitchen, living area and deck that's perfect for bringing a busy family together.

With the Bilby, you will have the best of all worlds. 

We adore the Bilby, and we think you will too!

Here are some charming reasons why: 

1. Exquisite Street Appeal

Street appeal refers to the way people perceive your home. It is the picture your neighbours, guests and people driving past see and the first impression for anyone who visits your home. Why some people may not care too much about street appeal, being proud of your home is a remarkable feeling!

The Bilby is a stunning Queenslander home that is brimming with charm, stability, security and old-fashioned hospitality. It looks (and indeed is) a home you can raise many generations in, the home your kid's friends will want to play in, and their parents visit for bbq's. This is the home people gravitate to.

2. Verandah Wrapping Around The Front And Sides

Traditional Queenslander verandahs adorn the most spectacular homes in Toowoomba and Darling Downs, and the Bilby is no exception with beautifully framed catching white posts and decorative balustrades.

Today, verandahs are used for more than admiring the view. The modern Queenslander verandah is a fully functional living space for kids to play, a place to store shoes and outdoor belongings and a spot to enjoy your fresh morning coffee. Of course, the Bilby also has a large private deck out back, so you can choose where you want to spend your time.

3. Magnificent Nine-Foot Ceilings

It has been proven that higher ceilings lead to clearer thinking, higher energy levels and an overall feeling of happiness. The Bilby home has by design, magnificent nine-foot ceilings throughout most living spaces.

Nine-foot ceilings are ideal if you want to provide a sense of openness for everyone inside. High ceilings also help with air-flow, and this again contributes to having a home that does not feel closed in. If you want space and openness, you will love the Bilby. 

4. Polished Hardwood Flooring Throughout 

Street appeal is one thing, everyday living appeal is another! The Bilby has this in spades, with the entry, hallways and living areas all having spectacular polished hardwood flooring.

Polished hardwood flooring not only looks timeless, but in our opinion having built Queenslander homes for over 20 years, is still the most superior flooring option available. Polished hardwood flooring is remarkably tough, easy to clean, and will make your home feel like the roots you are building on.

5. Four Spacious Bedrooms, All With Built-Ins

When it comes to a growing family, nothing beats having shared areas like a big open kitchen, but also individual space. The Bilby truly has it all. With four bedrooms, including a master with luxurious ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, you will have more than ample room.

Even better, each Bilby bedroom has a built-in wardrobe designed uniquely to fit the design and function of the room. This makes storage a dream! The Bilby also has a purpose-built study room, so rest assured, there is a perfect space for everyone.

6. Open Living Areas With A Huge Rear Deck

The Bilby has both a separate lounge room for movie nights and a magnificent open living area with a combined kitchen, living and meals area that spills out onto a huge private deck.

The Bilby is a dream home for entertaining and family gatherings, from breakfast to Christmas. You will also have an open kitchen that is designed from ground-up for both the largest of events and everyday meal prep. There is plenty of room for your appliances, and a large walk-in pantry to keep everything perfectly organised. Lovely!

7. Designed For The Whole Family

The Bilby was designed for a growing family, to give everyone their own special place. However, the Bilby also doubles as the ideal sanctuary for just a few. Notice that the master bedroom is at one end, and all of the other bedrooms up the other end? If the kids are away (or there), you will always have your own private quarters.

If you look at the Bilby plan, you can see how perfectly designed the two halves of the home are, looking left and right from the front door.

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