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What Are 'Home Inclusions’ Anyway?

When it comes to finding the perfect builder for your dream Queenslander home, aside from evaluating builders on their experience and portfolios, it is also important to understand the ‘home inclusions’ each builder offers.

Home inclusions can be a labyrinth if you are not prepared to evaluate them. For example, some builders include high-end kitchen appliances as part of their inclusions, others the most basic, and the list of differences goes on, and on.

At Shelton Homes, we actually do not offer set inclusion packages or upgrades, instead, we ask you what you want.

This just seems more personal and logical to us.

So while we approach things a little differently, it is worth talking about 'home inclusions' if you are also considering another building company, especially a Brisbane mega home company.

These big guys can get sneaky, and many larger builders will try to up-sell you after you have got a base home price, and remarkably even after you have signed a contract!

Home Inclusions, What You Must Know

Custom builders like Shelton Homes have allowances so you can choose your own inclusion brands if you like. But one thing to note with any builder, is that it is always best to buy from the builder’s recommended suppliers. 


From our 20+ years experience, nightmares can occur if you buy online or outside of the Toowoomba/Brisbane region. Delivery costs increase, delays set in with the overall build schedule, and repairs and replacements are not covered under your builder’s warranty when you source your own inclusions. 

If you work with Shelton Homes, we will take the time to chat about the inclusions you want, and then build this into your fixed price contract so there are no surprises.

Again, it comes down to caring we think, and if you are researching Shelton Homes, please feel free to see what our clients say about our approach here.

What Are Standard Home Inclusions?

Inclusions generally speaking, do not include items such as landscaping and gardens, footpaths or fencing, window furnishings like shutters, or removal of excess soil after excavation.

Aside from that, everything else might be included in your inclusions. It varies significantly from builder to builder.

Confusing? You bet.

A good rule of thumb to combat these variations from other building companies, is to allow for several additions and upgrades. Again while Shelton Homes does not work this way, we would recommend that 75% goes towards the base price of your new home, and the other 25% is reserved for upgrades.

Here Is Why:

A display home often is not the home you are actually buying. They usually have a bunch of upgrades, such as nicer carpeting, higher quality light fittings, extra power points, better kitchen fittings (you name it). You will need to allow for the inclusions you want.

If you do end up researching larger building companies, please put aside a few days to research and compare what inclusions are included.

Why Do Different Builders Have Different Inclusions?

In essence, different builders target different buyers and demographics. Some builders target singles, others families, others retirees.

Many larger building companies even have ‘sub-brands’ with a different image to help sell more homes, like those that are marketed towards first home buyers.

It really is a maze when you start diving into it, and that is another reason we do not offer set inclusion packages. We believe building your home should be a simple, enjoyable and transparent experience.

Want To Know More About Inclusions? 

If you are looking to build a beautiful new Queenslander home in the Toowoomba or Darling Downs region that is designed around your lifestyle (including the inclusions you want), then please feel free to get in touch and contact our Shelton Homes team here today.

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