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Design And Unwind In The Perfect Queenslander Home Master Bedroom

If you are looking to build a new Queenslander home in Toowoomba or the Darling Downs areas, it is worth taking the time to dream about, and plan your next master bedroom.

Sleek and simple or exotically glamorous, the best master bedrooms mix functionality, style and a sense of charm to create the perfect space. Whether you are going for dark and refined or light and elegant, think beautiful textures, softened colours and subtle lighting.

There can be a lot of choices to make, but considering we spend around at least a third of our lives in our bedroom, getting it right will mean having a place you love to relax, read, sleep and get ready for every inspirational day.

Here at Shelton Homes we work closely with clients to design and build their dream Queenslander homes. Here’s our ‘ultimate master bedroom’ guide:

1. Start With The Essentials, Your Queenslander Home’s Design

There are a few essentials that make a perfect master bedroom, and air ventilation is one of them. For good airflow and being able to catch those cool afternoon summer breezes in Toowoomba, we recommend windows on at least two walls in your master bedroom.

In fact, our Shelton Homes designs include this window layout already as it is so essential. We also create fully customised home plans for clients too, ensuring everything is perfect including the orientation of the master bedroom to optimise sunlight on their blocks of land. You can see some of our Queenslander home designs here.

Air conditioning to help sleep easy in summer is also a bit of a necessity here in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs areas, and a ceiling fan can be a must too. Fans nowadays are a design feature and can save you significantly on power bills, so we would recommend a nice quality fan at minimal.

Next, think about the comfort features you have always wanted:

  • Perhaps a walk in wardrobe?
  • A luxurious ensuite?
  • A private veranda the kids can not access?
  • A custom wall unit for your books or TV?
It is best to dream big and scale down to find the perfect master bedroom balance.

2. Use A Colour Scheme That Helps You Relax

A UK study found that hues of blue and green have a soothing effect and help us sleep for longer.  A natural and neutral colour scheme in your master bedroom will help to calm for a good night's sleep and a fresh atmosphere when you wake up.

The beautiful natural Toowoomba sunlight helps our bodies natural alarm clock go off, so if you enjoy a good sleep-in or have street lighting outside of your bedroom, it is worth considering louvres or linen curtains with a pull down block out blind behind it to keep your room dark and cool.

If you want to step outside of the norm and have ideas for creating a one of a kind atmosphere through vivid colours, then we would highly recommend a colour consultant. You can see what colour consultants do here.

3. Creating Layers Of Comfort In Your Master Bedroom

Now that you have decided on your master bedroom's essentials and colour scheme for the looks and feel you are after, it is time to think about the comforts.

When building a new bedroom it can often be worth investing is a new high-quality mattress, especially for people living with arthritis or back pains. Then think about your bed covers, a feature bedroom chair, cushions, rugs and throws that create a comforting mood and invite us to relax. Using fabrics and textures that are soft is key here.

You do not need a huge budget for the creature comforts, but it can really make a difference when moving into your new bedroom and give some of your trusty older furniture a new lease on life!

If you would like a little inspiration for creating the comforts that will make your master bedroom feel like it is truly your creation, please feel free to see a few of our client's stunning Queenslander homes here.

Contact Shelton Homes For Your Master Bedroom Design

At Shelton Homes, we proudly work where we live and have a lot riding on our reputation and strong community ties. For example, our kids attend local schools and play in Toowoomba and Darling Downs sports teams. We are locals too.

With over 20 years of Queenslander home design and construction experience for hundreds of clients, we can help you create a stunning master bedroom that you will love sleeping in, and waking up in fresh and ready to go every morning.

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