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How Do You Choose The Perfect Rural Home?

In Australia, it goes without saying that Queenslander homes are the most desired homes for families living on rural properties. You don't need to drive far out of Brisbane to see stunning new, and charming older Queenslander homes nestled gorgeously amongst bushland and on working farms.

For over 20 years Shelton Homes have been proudly designing and building quality Queenslanders in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and the surrounding areas. One questions we often get asked is, "what home design is right for my family?".

For rural property owners, the answer can in fact come down to your unique land, so we have prepared a little article to help you find the perfect home for your property and rural lifestyle!

1. Choosing The Size Of Your New Home

Queenslander homes truly reflect Australia’s beauty, with spacious, airy high ceilings, stunning kitchens and wide open verandas that capture, and embrace your land. The size of your home however can be a challenge to get right. Too small and you will be wishing you went larger, too large and you might miss the cosy feeling Queenslanders are famous for.

The size of your home can also determine where your home is built on your property. For example, if you need to level land - what sort of power requirements you need and how close can you build to sheds or paddocks, etc. To get started with the size of your home, here are three quick questions:

1. How many bedrooms do you need now and in the future for guests, family or grandkids?
2. Ideally, how many bathrooms or ensuites would make your home most comfortable?
3. Do you need any speciality rooms for entertainment, hobbies or work?

These three questions should get you pointed in the right direction to determine the home size. If you need a little inspiration, please feel free to see our popular home designs here.

2. The Best Position Is About More Than Just The Views

If you have owned your property for a while, you probably know where the best views are and have an idea of where you want to build, but it is always worth exploring your entire property.

Choosing the right location requires some forethought. Imagine you build on a hill with a lovely view that includes your neighbour’s land. Then your neighbour sells their property and the new owners build a commercial farm. Your views can quickly change. Similarly, if new housing estates are planned for future development, you need to be aware of it.

It is worth doing your research before choosing your home's location, and if you need help please just contact our team, we know the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions like the backs of our hands..

3. Consider Your Driveway And Utilities

Your driveway and utilities can absolutely determine where you build your home on our property, not just the ability to install utilities if you have rock or clay, but simply based on budget alone! The longer your driveway and the more extreme the elevation, the more building and maintenance cost you will incur.

The cost to run power, gas, water and other utilities can add up fast, so the best option is to seek estimations before falling in love with a view or location. It is also worth checking if broadband, cable or the NBN are available before deciding where to put your home on your property, just in case you need to rely on 3G or 4G internet access. You can check the NBN here.

4. Getting A Soil Test On Your Preferred Locations

One of the unsung beauties of Queenslander homes is that you can often avoid the expenses required to level land or lay down concrete slabs to build your new home. Queenslanders only require foundation pillars unless you want otherwise. Keep in mind, that like all land, your soil may have a tendency to shift or sink and require additional work to prevent any future issues.

A soil test will also help you determine how easy it will be to get utilities to your home, uncover areas you might want to avoid building on and support your farming or livestock plans.

5. Seek Expert Advice Before Making Any Final Decisions

We think it is best to do your own research to get the knowledge you need for making decisions. We also recommend talking to an expert before making any unknown or final decisions so you are not disappointed with your choice and to avoid unforeseen budget blowouts.

When done right, building a beautiful rural Queenslander home can be an experience you will love and remember forever, just like for Matt and Jen

Building your home is not something that can be rushed, you need to know your property and ideal home size. If you are still unsure, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, browse our website for more information or see some of our most popular rural home designs here.

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