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The Remarkable Benefits Of Using A Custom Home Builder

Picking the right home builder can truly mean the difference between having a house that doesn’t quite “fit”, and having a home that feels like it's made just for you and your family. Your own little place in the world where you can work, play and unwind after a long day.

While many people may think that larger building companies offer more options to suit their lifestyle, the reality is that in an effort to reduce build time and increase profits, their designs are usually reused and are not made just for you. That’s where a custom home builder comes in.

A custom home builder can help you get the home of your dreams without making sacrifices, as they will work much closer with you and not skimp on time or quality. Here are some of the remarkable benefits of working with a custom home builder:

1. Almost Every Building Option Is Available

When you work with a custom builder, you will have a truly unique and personalised home with the features and aesthetics you want. From the very start, your home will be designed just for you. Like to add an extra room for when the grandkids come along? No problem. Have a special hobby that you would like to do at home? Want extra storage space? How about a unique home theatre room? A custom home builder can help you tailor your home to exactly how you like!

Custom builders also use the best local tradespeople around, tradespeople who take great pride in their work, and this is where your homes options become a reality. Our tradespeople know that attention to detail matters, unlike the cheap labour larger building companies tend to use, as an effort to increase their profit margins.

2. Custom Home Builders Have Community Ties

Custom home builders tend to establish and value long term relationships. In comparison to larger building companies who primary focus is towards making a sale to fulfil a quota, word of mouth referrals are highly valued as they are a representation of extended community ties.
At Shelton Homes, we proudly work where we live, and that means we have a lot riding on our reputation. We have a strong personal connection with the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions, our team's children play in the local sports clubs and want to make the area more attractive and valuable, hence our passion for designing and building superior quality homes for our clients.

3. Custom Builders Offer Individual Attention

Have you ever called a large company for support, maybe your internet provider or health insurance? Often you will be waiting to talk to someone, and the person you talk to is far from the reality of your circumstances anyway. Larger companies like banks are getting better, but with larger building companies you will likely not be talking to the actual people building your home. This can be a little shocking for some people to find out, especially when their home build may already be underway.

Custom builders however, provide a personal approach. You will be talking to the people who are designing and building your home. You can meet the Shelton Homes team here.

4. A Real Dedication To Excellence And Value

Custom builders depend on word of mouth referrals for business, and as they take on fewer clients, they will take every measure to ensure your experience is easy and enjoyable.

At Shelton Homes, we are committed to building stunning Queenslander homes that exceed our client's expectations. We also understand what it’s like to manage a budget. For these reasons, custom builders are much more attuned to providing each client with the utmost value for their dollar. It’s also worth mentioning that every home we build at Shelton Homes is a personal representation of our abilities, and that means that our dedication to quality, design and craftsmanship is remarkably high.

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