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5 Things You Should Know, Well Before Building Your New Home

For many people, building a new home will be one of the most exciting, yet potentially stressful experiences they will go through.

Naturally there are numerous benefits to building your own home, you can design it to your own needs and likings, choose your land and truly make it yours. However, there are a number of important factors that you need to take into account before setting off on your home building journey. 

1. Planning Your New Home's Design Correctly

The layout and size of your home can be a tricky thing to get right. You need to consider how long you’ll be staying in your home, whether your family will be expanding, or if your children will be moving out in the years to come. Your evolving needs need to be well thought out from the get-go.

Try to think about the basics first, like the number of rooms you’ll need, the number of bathrooms, and then think about the financial situation you’ll be in ten years from now. For example, would you need extra garage space for that campervan you’ve always dreamed of buying

It can be expensive to over-plan with too much space, but on the flip side, future adjustments can be very costly. At Shelton Homes, we make this easy by offering  great selection of Queensland home designs to suit almost any sized family.

2. Finding The Right Builder In Your Area

This is absolutely critical, there are hundreds of horror stories involving people partnering with builders who use sub-par materials or cut corners. Your new home will be your backbone, the place that supports you and your family, and it’s important to thoroughly research the builder you’ll be working with.

If possible, take a look at the builder’s past work and chat to homeowners who’ve contracted the building company before to get an idea of their timeframes, communication skills, ongoing construction and maintenance issues, or any other unexpected challenges that came up during their home build.

3. Getting A Fixed Price Quote

Accurately costing a new home build is something few homeowners can truthfully say they would be able to get right before reaching out to a builder for a quote. Naturally, a good builder will go through all of the costs with you. It’s always best to contact a builder before trying to estimate your costings yourself and ask them for a fixed quote.

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful new home that you can’t fully enjoy because you’re paying off a larger loan than you expected, or can’t afford the landscaping or furniture you wanted with your new home.

4. Understanding The Latest Sustainability Solution

There are some healthy government rebates available in Queensland for incorporating sustainable environmental technology in your new home build. Be sure to chat to your builder about your options for solar power, water tanks, waste disposal, home orientation, and don't forget the look and feel of having stunning native plants around your new home.

5. The Final Alterations To Your Home's Build

When construction is almost complete, you may need to work with your builder to develop a list of final jobs that need to be completed. This of course is not ideal, and with the Shelton Homes 12-step Design and Construction Process, our homes are usually handed over fully complete and approved by our delighted clients.

To see how Shelton Homes approach home builds to deliver on time and budget, please feel free to see our 12-step process here.

Or get in touch with Shelton Homes today for a friendly, obligation-free chat. We’re always happy to help you plan your future dream home.

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