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Why Queenslander Homes Are Perfect For Sloping Blocks

One of the most magnificent features of Toowoomba, Darling Downs and the surrounding regions, is the hills and stunning views on offer. But as the area develops and housing demands rise, often the only available blocks of land in your ideal location are sloping blocks.
Many builders, especially those who build brick homes may offer just one option, to level your block. Homes are of course cheaper to build on a level block, but the additional labour, equipment and council approvals can add $50K-$100K to the project, actually making it more expensive to level than building your home 'around' your sloping block.
Queenslander homes are ideal for sloping blocks, but you need to know the ins-and-outs. Here's some Shelton Homes pointers:

1. Have Your Builder Inspect Your Sloping Block First

From the get go, an experienced builder will be able to get a grasp of things like soil density, the degree of slope and drainage issues. From the initial inspection, it's also possible for a good builder to build a mental picture of your new home, which way will it face to optimise views, ensure privacy, best position your windows and verandas to capture the afternoon breeze and make the best use of water tanks and solar power.
Experience plays the biggest factor, and your builder should be hands-on with your site as the very first step. If needed, sometimes your builder may also recommend having a property survey to get a full understanding of your block and any unforeseen challenges they can not fully predict.

2. Balancing Your Sloping Block Home Design With Your Budget

To ensure your dream home is within budget, we'll discuss factors that not only make the most of your sloping block to save you heating and cooling expenses in the long run, but also discuss modern options like ducted air-conditioning, under floor heating, modern lighting and the latest NBN internet options.

Understanding all of the inclusions you would like at the start of your project helps us determine the ideal home design to accommodate these modern features on your sloping block, and therefore budget.

If you like, you can read about the Shelton Homes 12-Step design and construction process here.

3. Use A Proven Sloping Block Building Builder

Sloping blocks of course, don’t all slope the same. For example, your block might slope down from the road, or rise up above it. Your block may have different slope gradients across the block or a main drainage line through it. For these reasons, designing your home for your unique block is a must.

An experienced builder will be able to quickly work out a few design suggestions too, like perhaps a garage under the front of your new home would work best, or perhaps a split level home with a rumpus room at the back and a large veranda on top to create a spectacular outdoor living area. Every sloping block is different, and using a proven builder makes all the difference.

You can see examples of Queenslander homes that are specifically designed for the client’s blocks of land here.


Planning properly is not just about how many bedrooms you need either, you need to be sure your builder has the foresight to see changes on your land such as new neighbours and privacy, or tree growth that could block your views, there’s a lot to consider!


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Queenslander homes are perfect for sloping blocks, and the Shelton Homes team are always happy to organise an on-site inspection of your land. By seeing your block and asking some initial questions, we will get a great feel for your goals, any building challenges and be able to make suggestions for your dream home build.

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