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Fencing Your Queenslander Home

When planning your yard and outdoor living spaces, the type of fences, heights and materials you opt for can make or break the look and feel of your home, how much privacy you have, and how safe you feel when inside your home.
When it comes to Queenslander homes, it has long been a tradition to match the home design and veranda with a white picket fence out front. This indeed not only looks lovely but also allows more air to flow through your property. There are however other options you can choose.
This article aims to highlight the best fencing options for Queenslander homes, especially in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions. Should you like more inspiration after reading this article, simply contact the expert team at Shelton Homes. Contact Us

1. Before Designing Your New Queenslander Fence

On the one hand, there is the design to match your homes aesthetics. Getting this right takes careful planning because once your fence is up, it's the first thing you will see every day when coming home. On the other hand, there is also the legal and social aspect of your fences around your property. Who pays for them, how much impact it they have on you and your neighbours' land, and what processes do you need to go through before building.


2. Processes And Legals To Consider

For most people, their fences separate their land from their neighbours, and you'll need to pass through a few legal hoops before getting your ideal fence up:
  • You may need a land surveyor to mark the boundary of your property and those of your neighbours.
  • Your neighbour's say, how does your fence affect them? If it is a shared wall, will they agree to you putting up your design?
  • Shared costs, do you want your neighbours to pay part of the costs and will they agree to it?
  • A pool fence if you're installing a pool. You are required by law for child safety to have a fence that is at least 1.5m high. You can find the legalities of pool fences here.


3. The Materials You Can Use For Your Fences

It's usually best to separate your front fence from those that connect with your neighbours, as often you can't choose the shared fences alone unless you're lucky enough to be building on a large country block. So when considering your front fence, consider which materials suit your personality, your home's design and gardens best, timber, metal, glass, organic, brick, concrete? The selection is yours, and the possible combinations and designs are almost infinite.
Here are a few popular fencing options:
  • Timber Fences:
    The most popular fence design for the traditional Queenslander look is, of course, a picket or timber fence. The benefits are costs and the ability to maintain and easily paint yourself. The downfalls are less security than some of the other options.
  • Metal And Glass:
    For a modern yet elegantly styled fence, metal and glass could be the best option. This style allows your Queenslander home to still be visible from the street and can provide more security. However, the upkeep can often be more with needing to keep the glass clean.
  • Brick Or Concrete:
    For a sturdy option with often high security, brick or concrete might be your preference. These fences require minimal maintenance and are the most sturdy. The downside is that you will need to consider how much they match your home. Rendering the bricks is usually the best solutions to creating a fluent look and feel.
  • Steel Fences:
    A steel fence is another option, and these can be painted to look more like a traditional timber fence. The benefits are being able to easily install a remote gate for vehicle access and security but choose carefully, as you will want to make sure it matches your home.

4. The Maintenance Of Your Fences

Remember that depending on what material and style you go for, will depend on how much maintenance is required. The wear and tear, grime and dirt, plant growth and water marks are all things to keep in mind.
Building a fence with curb appeal takes a lot of careful consideration, so if you’re finding it a bit tricky, then consider chatting to the professionals. At Shelton Homes we've been building homes for over 20 years, and would love to see if we can help you find your perfect Queenslander home. Just get in touch with us today.

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