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What Is A Professional Queenslander Home Builder?

Queensland is quickly becoming the best place to live and work in Australia. With its good weather, fantastic career opportunities, unique landscapes and incredible lifestyle benefits, more people than ever before are looking to build or renovate homes in the state.
It is however, important to remember that if you are planning to build a home in Queensland, you should choose a specialist, professional Queenslander home builder that will best suit your needs. Building a home is a long-term investment, so you don’t want to be taking unnecessary risks.

1. A Specialist In All Aspects Of Building

A professional Queenslander home builder is one that has studied and built numerous Queenslander homes before, of all shapes and sizes and on many types of house blocks. They must have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of construction and also be able to identify any challenges during your homes building phase so that they can rectify them, ensuring the absolute longevity of your home.
A professional home builder has a visible track record, so do not hesitate to ask for information about their previous jobs. A Queenslander home builder will be willing to show you the recent homes they've built and testimonials from delighted clients. Without this, you may be taking some serious risks.


2. A Strong Communicator And Leader

An excellent builder should also put you at ease from the very beginning. They should be open and honest, taking the time to discuss with you all your options and concerns. You need to be totally confident in their abilities, so being able to easily establish a strong, trusting relationship with your home builder will highlight their commitment.
Another benefit of using a professional Queenslander home builder is that will have an extensive network of reliable:
  • Tradespeople
  • Labourers
  • Painters
  • Decorators
  • Suppliers 


3. A Knowledgeable Partner

Experience and knowledge are key when renovating or building a Queenslander home. If for example, your property is located in Toowoomba or Darling Downs, then a professional home builder will know the land, soil and drainage in the area, the kind of house blocks that will increase in value and of course all of the regulations and council codes for approvals. 
A professional Queenslander home builder should also have extensive experience using all the latest building products, machinery and materials. While many aspects of traditional Queenslander homes remain, big advances have been made to make your home even more sturdy and easier to maintain, like the adjustable steel stumps and engineered timbers we use at Shelton Homes. 


4. A Strong Project Manager

A builder is not just hands on, they should also be highly adept at project management. A professional Queenslander home builder will:
Listen and build around your needs, not theirs
  • Ask you about your future plans, like extending your family
  • Offer you a competitive quote and stick to budget
  • Provide regular consultations on the progress of your build
  • Schedule all workers and deliveries at appropriate times
  • Minimise the level of disruption to you and your neighbours
  • Maintain standards and have a safe and clean working environment


Choosing Shelton Homes

Ultimately, a professional Queenslander home builder is someone that puts you first, has extensive experience and provides an accurate quote that they will stick to. Don't be afraid to ask about their credentials either; a professional builder will have these ready to go and show you Queenslander homes of the highest quality. You can see examples of our homes here and testimonials from clients.
With over 20 years' experience, Shelton Homes know how to build your perfect Queenslander home. Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your dream home: