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The Shelton Homes 12-Step Design And Construction Process

Shelton Homes are award winning Queenslander home builders. if you're yet to see the stunning homes we build for our clients please feel free to see a few videos here
We also offer something most builders don't, a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you even further peace of mind. We guarantee that your new home will be delivered on schedule, on budget and completed to a superior quality standard.
The key: Shelton Homes have created an outstanding design and construction process, derived from years of experience and commitment to ensure the home you’ve been dreaming of, is the one you'll soon be moving into.
Here’s your step-by-step process that we use this for all projects, whether you’re building your new home in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions of Queensland, or anywhere else.

1. Initial Consultation Process

After chatting with you on the phone, we’ll organise a viewing of your land. This includes examining all factors relevant to your build, including slope, drainage, block size, soil type, aspect, surrounding homes and availability of services. This consultation is important to initially understanding the technicals and viability of your Queenslander project.

2. Pricing Estimate And Signature Inclusions

We’ll work closely with you to recommend a home design that will meet your needs, fits your site and perfectly suit your budget. A big part of this step is learning about your lifestyle and goals, like if you are looking to expand your family in the years to come. Between steps 1 and 2, we will already have an amazing understanding of your project and goals.

3. Preliminary Agreement

This agreement is not a contract but is necessary for us to go ahead with more detailed technical planning including site surveys, soil tests and initial building approvals.

4. Your Queenslander Home Concept Drawings

By drawing up and reviewing preliminary plans, you can start to get a feel for your new home. This stage is essential as it sets the foundation and style for your final construction drawings.

5. Input And Amendments

After your feedback and input, our draftsman will take the concepts and make sure that the design is right for your land, your sense of style and your budget.

6. Construction Drawings, Specifications And Quote

With the designs now finalised, we’ll provide you with a formal quote. This quote will include all costs associated with the inclusions list we've been working on. If you already have a quote with us and have any questions, big or small as you’re reviewing it, please always feel free to get in touch with us: contact us

7. Your Approval And Selection Process

At a meeting with you to cover the finer details, we’ll finalise the quote and all options we've been discussing. Any required changes are then made to ensure you are completely comfortable with moving to the engineering plans and beginning construction.

8. Detailed Engineering Plans

Engineering plans are based on the construction drawings we have been working towards to suit your lifestyle and budget goals, but are more detailed for council approvals and our dedicated team of builders on site. Engineering plans take into account all of the technical, regulatory and environmental aspects.

9. Contract And Deposit

At this stage, we are excitingly ready to go and commence construction. It’s now time to confirm the contracts which are industry standard Residential Contracts from the Master Builders Association. We then request a 5% deposit, as well as finalisation of your investment arrangements. It is however, common to have pre-approval at one of the early stages.

10. Council Submission Of Plans

As a final step before construction, we will need the local Toowoomba or Darling Downs council’s approval. We’ll submit your construction plans and take care of all of the heavy lifting. We work closely with the local councils and usually expect their formal approval in around four weeks.

11. Construction Phase

It’s time to start building! We’ll arrange a meeting to introduce you to your master builder and organise onsite meetings. You’ll be invited to give your input regularly, ensuring your peace of mind. Progress payments are required throughout the project as outlined in your contract and arranged with your financial provider. There are no surprises here, and we will be working closely throughout the entire construction phase.

12. Handover To Your New Queenslander Home

This is the most exciting step! We’ll join you for a detailed inspection and walk-through of your new home, to make sure everything is perfect before finalising the paperwork, certificates, warranties and manuals, and answering any questions you may have before moving in. You will then have the keys and your new home to love and enjoy.
If you would like to learn more about our award winning team, please feel free to contact the friendly team at Shelton Homes to arrange a free consultation, we'd love to hear from you!

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