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5 Top Reasons To Build & Live In Toowoomba

Thinking of relocating? Have you considered Toowoomba? This pretty, easy-going cathedral city of 115,000 people lies 125 kilometres west of Brisbane, in the Great Dividing Range.
Toowoomba is the second biggest inland city in Australia after Canberra, and is affectionately referred to by locals as “The Garden City” for its gorgeous public parks and gardens. This is one of the top five reasons you should think about building and live in Toowoomba.



1. Universities And Schools In Toowoomba

If you have children, you’ll be impressed with Toowoomba’s outstanding education facilities. In terms of schools, there are loads of options both private and public. What’s more, the city is home to the University of Southern Queensland’s main campus, so when your kids grow up, they won’t have to go through the expense and heartbreak of moving out to pursue tertiary study.
At USQ Toowoomba, more than 4,000 students excel in a range of disciplines, from Humanities, Creative Arts, Education and Communication to Business, Engineering, IT, Science, Law and Health.

2. Toowoomba's Town Remodel

Toowoomba isn’t a city that stands still. The Council, business owners and residents are always looking for ways to make things better. At the moment, the town centre is being treated to a cutting-edge remodel. Thanks to a 500 million dollar redevelopment, known as Grand Central, there
are now several big name shops, including H&M and Mecca Maxima, and many new, exciting additions to come.
If local, independent businesses are more your cup of tea; then you’ll find a wonderful selection of thriving small businesses on Ruthven Street, which also underwent a remodel recently. Meanwhile, another shopping area is under construction at Second Range Crossing.

3. Toowoomba’s Park and Gardens

Toowoomba’s most famous attractions is the public parks and gardens. In fact, there are no fewer than 150 parks and gardens to explore, and are all free to access. By choosing to build and live in Toowoomba, you could get some exercise in the spacious Queens Park and Botanic Gardens, take a picnic or play croquet in Laurel Bank Park and go on a mini-trip to Asia in the stunning Japanese Gardens. Needless to stay, Toowoomba has stunning parks that will keep you busy.

4. Location Location

Residents of Toowoomba enjoy the ease, space, fresh air and friendliness of a regional town, yet aren’t too far away from the convenience and excitement of Brisbane nor the world-famous beaches of the Gold Coast.
Brisbane is a mere 90-minute drive or coach ride to the east. So, any time you want to catch up with friends, attend a big concert or immerse yourself in a crowd, you can. The Gold Coast is two hours’ drive south-east, which makes escaping to the sand, surf and sun super easy on a weekend.

5. Toowoomba Is An Investment 

Thanks to Toowoomba’s many attractive features, real estate prices are on the rise and are predicted to continue increasing. That means you can think of your build there as an investment. Spend smart now, and you could find yourself reaping hefty rewards in the years to come.
If you're looking to build in Toowoomba or Darling Downs regions, we would love to discuss your idea of your dream Queenslander home and location. Please feel free to contact the friendly team at Shelton Homes here, we'd love to hear from you!

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