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Top Tips For Building A Beautiful Queenslander Home

There are plenty of reasons to love living in Queensland, in fact, many people visit just once and then decide to make our beautiful state their own. There's so much to see and do, and with soo much natural beauty, it's no wonder it's a popular destination for families.

While the Queensland winter is relatively mild, our summers are notoriously long and hot with some spectacular afternoon storms during the warmer months, especially in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions.

Raised up from the ground to allow for air flow and with wide verandahs, a Queenslander home from Shelton Homes can provide the personality and practicality to suit your lifestyle. With a timeless design and plenty of space for outdoor living, a sturdy Queenslander is also designed to include ducted aircon, under floor heating, data and communication options plus the appeal of large decks, making it an ideal choice for new home buyers.

Here Are Our Top Tips For Building A Beautiful Queenslander Home...

1. Be Prepared For Wild Weather

A Queenslander home is designed to maximise living areas, with verandahs for extra living areas all year round and take in those views, especially the evening storms. But the reality of building a home in Queensland is planning ahead for the extreme weather conditions. From droughts to floods, and everything in between, a Queenslander home is designed to suit our often harsh environment.

2. Design For Your Block Of Land

When considering a Queenslander home, consider engaging an expert builder who knows the location well, specialises in Queenslander homes and uses quality materials. An expert builder will:

  • Examine the orientation of your new home to minimise exposure to morning and afternoon sun.
  • Build in natural cooling features like broad eaves, high ceilings and wide verandas to create cool go-to places.
  • Design to allow for fresh air flow underneath the floor, increasing cooling in hot and dry conditions.
  • Consider the finer creature comforts like installing ducted aircon, under floor heating or a fireplace for the winter months.

3. Be Energy Efficient Through Proven Queenslander Designs

By working with an expert Shelton Homes builder, you can save both energy and money by building in natural air flow to reduce cooling and heating costs. Queensland also has plenty of rain, so don't waste the opportunity to store as much of it as you can. With a steep-pitched roof and high ceilings, the rain will flow off the roof faster and fill your tank, while efficiently cooling the air inside.

  • Open plan homes work beautifully with our climate, as all those hallways and walls can hinder ventilation.
  • Rooms with plenty of big windows and exterior doors help to catch that easterly breeze and remove the need to have your air-conditioning running continuously.
  • Queenslander homes are ideal for solar, their steep-pitched roof angles are perfect for capturing the midday sun.

4. Style Your Home With The Right Textures And Colours

Our interior designers can style your Queenslander home right too, with the right tones and colour palette to create a fresh feeling in each room that you will love to come home to.

  • Queenslander homes traditionally feature light, reflective colours for both the interior and exterior to reflect the sun outside and create bright, breezy open spaces inside.
  • Use colour psychology (check out the blog post here) to create fresh, calming areas using whites, sea and sky blues along with natural greens.

5. Make The Most Of Outdoor Living

Believe us when we say, if you feature an outdoor area or room for your new home, it will certainly be a favourite. Make sure it is well protected from those heavy downpours and consider an outdoor courtyard within the home, bringing the beautiful weather in, while encouraging the cool breeze and fresh air.

Shelton Homes Knows Queenslander Homes!

With over 20 years experience, Shelton Homes knows how to build a Queenslander home that is beautiful and practical. We know how to create the lifestyle you want while perfectly complementing Queensland's natural beauty.

Feel free to see some of our Award Winning homes here or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your dream Queenslander home!

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