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Toowoomba Celebrates the Carnival of Flowers

Shelton Homes Carnival of Flowers Blog

Spring has arrived, bringing a sense of rejuvenation and renewal.  Toowoomba is abuzz as the region gets ready to celebrate the 67th annual Carnival of Flowers.

 From its inception back in the post war days of 1949, this award winning regional event has grown significantly, attracting people from all over Queensland - showcasing spectacular gardens, food and wine, live music and much more.

The Carnival of Flowers draws many garden enthusiasts from far and wide to glean ideas for their own gardens and simply take in the beauty of the array of colours and textures of the landscape. 

As you travel through the suburban streets of Toowoomba and the surrounding region you will also notice many beautiful Queenslander homes showcasing their gardens.  Interestingly, the traditional colonial Queenslander was designed in the 1940s to combat the extreme conditions of Queensland’s sub-tropical climate, ranging from stifling heat to flooding rain. 

Here at Shelton Homes, our modern Queenslander designs continue to follow the qualities of these iconic beauties, including timber home construction, wrap-around verandahs for indoor/outdoor living and high pitched iron roofs -  combined with modern features and appliances to enhance functionality and lifestyle. 

Along with choosing a house design, there are two key elements that can complete the picture of your beautiful Queenslander home, both of which can be used to reflect your personality, lifestyle and even the character of your home. 

Colour Scheme

Not only do people love the design flexibility that a Queenslander home offers, but they come in all colours!  As you can see from our showcase gallery - whether you are wanting to create a contemporary or traditional theme, the Queenslander responds to virtually any colour scheme, from fresh white hues to the traditional heritage colours.  Here at Shelton Homes we provide the services of a colour consultant who is available to assist clients with their colour selection and style ideas.


A garden is the perfect way to complete the picture.  Just imagine sitting on your verandah in the cool of a summer’s evening literally watching your garden grow. 

Queenslander homes lend themselves to a variety of garden themes, whether it be a sub-tropical theme, or a more traditional cottage garden – not forgetting the valuable inclusion of a vegie garden too!  Also, if you would like to maintain Queenslander tradition, (depending on the size of your block), you could plant a few of the following trees; mango, Poinciana, jacaranda, frangipani and bougainvillea.  


Why not come to town and check out the Carnival of Flowers and experience Toowoomba’s great hospitality.  Also whilst you are up this way, give us a call to discuss your new home ideas.  We have a great range of award winning Queenslander designs, which can be customised to your personal taste.