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Building A Home With Real Street Appeal


When people consider the value of a house, there are three key elements that influence their opinion the most:

  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom
  • The street appeal

Street appeal refers to the outward appearance of the property; it’s what neighbours, guests and people driving past can see, and it creates the first impression for anyone who visits your home.

The external aesthetics of a house are an important factor in any street, suburb or town. So when you’re planning to build a new home, it’s a great idea to consider what kind of design will have the best street appeal. In this blog post, we look at why a Queensland house is almost always the best choice.

Queenslanders: Natural Street Appeal Built Right In

Queensland colonial homes are common throughout the country, and their popularity is due in part to their design’s inherent street appeal. No matter the specific style or character of the property, this architectural approach always produces an iconic, attractive presence.

Today, Queenslanders can be designed with either a traditional or contemporary finish, depending on your personal preferences and the style that best suits the neighbourhood. Either way, you can usually look forward to having a generous verandah that makes your home look welcoming, whilst also providing the perfect space for relaxing with a book on Sundays, waking up with a coffee each morning, or enjoying a cold drink on warm afternoons (perhaps on a comfy outdoor sofa or a hammock).

These houses are built atop steel stumps, which provides the extra benefit of improved ventilation as air flows underneath the property. In a humid country like Australia, this is definitely a welcome bonus!

Giving Your Queenslander Even More Street Appeal

Door Décor: Both your front door and garage door contribute significantly to your home’s look, so it’s well worth investing in high-quality, stylish options for these as part of your house build. Giving your front door a bold splash of paint can create more character and intrigue.

Let There Be Light: Some smartly placed outdoor lights can add even more sophistication to your new home’s exterior. A pair of chic lamps might bring out the colour of your front door, or a couple of wall-mounted lights could accentuate the décor of your verandah.

Highlight Your Front Yard: Natural features are often the most appealing, so as soon as your house is built, spend some time developing and maintaining your front lawn and any gardens. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to add some creative flair to the layout of your home front – perhaps a rock wall or pebble pathway would be the perfect finishing touch for your new home!

Furnish Your Verandah: As mentioned before, the large verandah of a Queenslander is a wonderful asset. In addition, it also presents the perfect opportunity to create an extra living area! Choose some durable, yet fashionable chairs, tables and other furniture pieces to really maximise this convenient space.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

At Shelton Homes, we specialise in Queenslanders and can assist you with all your building needs. Check out our award-winning custom designs and contact us to get your new home’s construction underway!

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