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The Perfect Property for Your Family (and Your Horses!)

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Being a horse owner presents a unique problem when you’re looking for a new home. You want to find a house that perfectly suits your family, but – at the same time – you also need a property that will make a great home for your beloved equine companions. The team at Shelton Homes can help you find this balance.

Just imagine it: Living in a spacious and welcoming homestead nestled amongst sprawling fields of green grass. Checking on the horses is as easy as looking out the bedroom window to see them grazing, or stepping out into the fresh air and walking a few metres to the stable. You don’t need to drive to the agistment every time you want to go for a horse ride; you can saddle up right in your own backyard. Maybe there’s even a local riding trail that runs right by your driveway! 

When most people picture this kind of property and lifestyle, the house they envision is a Queenslander – the classic choice for a rural paradise. Shelton Homes can offer you this idyllic style as our designs lend themselves to rural settings. We create classic timber Queenslanders to fit your family’s needs, carrying all the hallmarks of these iconic buildings, including:

  • Wrap-around verandas
  • Timber flooring
  • Queenslander trimmings

Yet, at the same time, our timeless designs perfectly cater for a modern lifestyle.

When you choose Shelton Homes to build your dream Queenslander, you are picking the best of both worlds. You can choose a piece of vacant land that will perfectly accommodate your horses, and custom-build a homestead to match your wishes and imagination.

Moving into a rural property also comes with a range of other wonderful benefits for you and your loved ones to enjoy, such as:

  • Outdoor living areas – from generous patios and decks to giant backyards (plenty of space for a pool!)
  • Open-plan living – spacious rural properties make it easier to integrate this popular design trend into your house’s layout
  • Sensational views – whether your property features a tranquil river or backs onto rolling mountains of green, you’ll love feeling so close to nature
  • Close-knit community – rural neighbourhoods are often friendly and charming places to raise a family
  • Eco-friendly designs – living away from the city makes it easier to go green; you could even become completely self-sustainable!

When you use Shelton Homes builders, you will have the ability to design your own house from scratch, based on your needs as a home and horse owner. This is all part of our mission: to help you create a new home that will complement your lifestyle, and for your experience with us to be fulfilling and memorable.

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